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newbie here

I'm velvetnc and I just recently started getting into the Star Wars expanded universe, not a big fan of the prequel novels (I prefer my Vader evil) but I've become seriously addicted to the New Jedi Order series and I'd like to read to Thrawn novels but my local bookstore seems to be perpetually out of Book 1 and I hate starting a series in the middle.

P.S. recently got married, walked down the aisle to the SW main theme, too excessive?? lol
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Niice :D
*grins* getting married in Sept and after the cermony's finished, we're walking out of the church to the Medal Ceremony song from ANH. nice.

If you're looking for the Thrawn Trilogy books, I'd say hit some used bookstores or jump online to order. There may be a few places that would still have some hardback ones.
the flowergirl and bridesmaid walked down to the Imperial Death March. I wanted to get married in stormtrooper outfits but my husband didn't like that idea.
hahaha! well, i was lucky to get the Medal song in there. I got axed on the idea of having Han and Leia on the wedding cake.
damn, I shoulda thought of that
have you tried a place like half-price books or some other second hand bookstore? They usually have a good selection.

If not, you could always order the book through B&N/B.Dalton/Your Bookseller of Choice; I doubt it would take more than a week for the book to show up, PLUS you wouldn't have to pay for shipping charges (like off of or

... and WELCOME!!
If you need anything, let me know. I'm a laid-back, friendly moderatore and I take an active part in this community.

Your friendly neighbourhood Mod. *grin*

I think I've been spending too much time working on Italian things. Whoops. *grin*
unfortunatly I can't find a used bookstore close to where I live-there is one in the area but its so far away that I would spend more on gas getting there than I would on shipping from Amazon. But-I'm too enthralled in NJO right now-I don't think I'll start on another series until I'm done with it.

and I promise-I don't sell iPods, *grin*
Hehe, very cool marriage I can imagine :)
Anyways, if you are interested in more information about the EU and with particular the NJO (I am addicted to the NJO as well ;) ) you should check out
It is a very nice place and can provide you with a lot of information about the NJO and the rest of the EU.

Also, for me always has every starwars book I need but I do not know where you live but you should check it out, perhaps they can deliver to you ;)
thank you! something to read while I'm pretending to work. :)
Cheers, you are more then welcome ;)
congrats on your wedding!!!

I LOVE the New Jedi Order. Favorite book out of the series is Traitor I am a big fan of all things Jacen Solo so a whole book devoted to him rocks my socks!
thank you. I actually wasn't a big fan of any of the Solo kids until this series, simply because they were always made to seem way older than they actually were and because it didn't seem like they were being allowed to be people in their own right, but their character's are developed pretty good where I am now in the series, and Jacen Solo has gotten rather yummy. :)
Vergere is awesome ;)
she weirds me out, man lol
Nah, she prolly was the coolest character together with Nom Anor ;)
didn't like him either haha!
How does one *not* like Nom Anor... :(
he's a brown nosing weeny!
but he's got that venom-spitting eye thingy. *whines* I want a venom spitting eye thingy!!!!!!!!!
considering my allergies are going full force this evening I don't see that as being a PERK to being Nom Anor haha!
pleayerin (sp) ;)
Nooo!! He is cool!
Most bookstores worth their salt will happy to order any book for you as long as they have it in their system. All you have to do is tell them the title and the author and they should get it in a few days. It's called good customer service. :)