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Asking for book and fanfiction recomendations...

Hellooooo???? Has everyone deserted?

I've recently read The Crystal Star and wondered which couple of books I should read next. I would like to read the books in some kind of order...don't know if it should be by publication or by in what order events happened.

Also, does anyone have any recomendations of fanfiction for Jacen, Anakin, Jaina, Kyp, Zekk, etc.?
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Chronologically the next series after The Crystal Star is The Black Fleet trilogy. The Solo kids are in a little bit, but the majority of the story revolves around Luke and Leia on their own seperate adventures. The books weren't that good, and very little that happens in them affects anything else in canon, so it isn't that important unless you're a completist. :-D

After that comes the New Rebellion, which is one of my personal favorites of the Bantam era, followed by The Corellian Trilogy, which is probably the first series beyond The Crystal Star in which all three Solo children play a truly significant role in the plot. And after those we have Timothy Zahn's Spector of the Past and Vision of the Future, which effectively finish off the era.

The Young Jedi Knights/Junior Jedi Knights series take place at the very end of the era, directly before the NJO, and if you haven't read them yet they're totally essential for any Solo kids fan. :-D

I have a ton of fanfic links bookmarked too, though I'm not sure what you like to read. I read everything from gen to ship!fic, and pretty much anything involving the Solo kids, Zekk, or Kyp in any way shape or form. :-D In fact, probably the only thing I don't read at all is Jaina/Jag. Any preferences?
Well...I think I've ended up skipping a chunk, my impatience. Last time I went to BAM I bought several of the NJO books...my kids had to literally drag me away or I would have bought even more cause I just zone out when I get in front of all those books. I looked for the Junior Jedi Knights series but couldn't find anything. I'll have to order them.

I guess I'm looking to read any fanfic where they're not too OOC because I haven't yet got a handle on their actual personalities and characteristics anyway.
Hi! Still looking for recs or just basic info on the books, hon? There are some lovely timelines for all kinds of EU stuff up on the Star Wars Wiki (Force bless the Wookiepedia!) Try going here http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_books for a timeline of all the books or else over here http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_novels for a timeline of just the novels. Both articles have working links to blurbs on the actual books. If you liked The Crystal Star and aren't worried about reading chronologically, I'd suggest reading the two Barbara Hambly EU books, Children of the Jedi and Planet of Twilight, and maybe also Kristine Kathryn Rusch's The New Rebellion. If you haven't read the NJO books, don't try to read the Dark Nest trio or any of the Legacy of the Force books, or you'll just be completely lost. And of course, a majority of fans (even the people who don't like Mara Jade) agree that the Timothy Zahn books are the best SW EU books out there. What all have you read besides this Vonda McIntyre book?
I did finish The Crystal Star, it was okay but not spectacular and gave no insight into either Jacen or Anakin, just Jaina. I've read Children of the Jedi but just bits and pieces of others. I've started on the NJO...I know I skipped a lot...but couldn't resist. I have read some of Timothy Zahn's but it's been long enough I need to read them over and I've probably skipped something anyhow.

The Timeline is intimidating! So many I haven't read...some I haven't even heard of.
The timeline is kind of overwhelming, I agree. I suppose it's not quite so staggering if you only look at the novels instead of all the books, but if you do that, you miss out on the young adult books and there's a whole series of young adult books about the Solo kids and their friends, if you're interested mainly in them. Are you more of a post-rebellion era person? I ask because most of the first round of SW books written involved the rebellion in one way or another - either Luke and Leia and the others were still fighting some threat or another tied to the Empire, or trying to keep the fledgling New Republic together, etc. Aside from that series of young adult books, the Corellian trio by Roger MacBride Allen (which I regard as the bridge books between the generations in SW, really, because that's where you start to get a sense of the torch being passed on from Luke and Leia and them to the kids), it's not really until the NJO series that the next generation starts to come into its own. And by then it's pretty apparent that the New Republic alone isn't going to cut it, unfortunately. *Sighs* If you let me know what era you're mostly interested in and name a couple of your favorite books, I might be able to help more with narrowing things down a bit.
PS - There's this wonderful online site for the latter part of the NJO-era http://www.njoe.com/ that has wonderfully detailed info on specific books and stories from the actual NJO-series and following books. And Nathan Butler honest to gods has the most detailed SW timeline there is on the 'net, if you're looking for actual summaries of events in the canon and EU and not just bookjacket blurbs. It's kind of overwhelming, too, but it will tell you anything you ever wanted to know in pretty much any/every era about what goes on in the SW 'verse. It's at http://www.starwarsfanworks.com/timeline/

And I hate to say this, but I feel like I should. The Solo kids and their friends? Are considered by some fans to be OCC in the NJO series for the characters who'd been developed and established in the earlier books (like the Corellian trio and the Young Jedi Knights series). You might want to keep that in mind, because some of the changes (especially in Jacen, even before Vergere really gets into the picture) might be kind of startling or confusing, otherwise.