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'STAR WARS: Dark Horizons' is a new MUSH set in the period preceding the original series and the Clone Wars.

It has our heroes Yoda and Obi-Wan as well as the villains Palpatine and Tarkin. Familiar settings such as Coruscant and Mustafar are fully realized worlds on the IC grid that allow RP in a variety of settings.

Q: You're thinking to yourself, "So what makes this place different?"

A: The code is truly superb. It has a complete code system for an IC economy where one earns money through investing or through IC transactions. With those funs, one may purchase a ship or personal armor or a blaster. One may hire armies or buy ground vehicles such as tanks or walkers or swoops. One may even buy citizenship and vie for control of Republic and non-Republic worlds. And of course, everything is tied together with a robust combat system that includes player-to-player, player-to-vehicle, player-to-army, ship -to-ship and ship-to-ground combat. In this version of a galaxy far, far away, there are many ways to prosper and just as many ways to die.

Q: "Right, sounds pretty cool. But what's the theme? It's pre-Clone Wars?"

A: Unlike a lot of games around, 'SW:DH' takes as its only canon the original trilogy as they were first released. The prequels I, II and III are not recognized as canon, though certain parts of them are used as inspiration.

Q: "So George's vision is just cut off, just like that?"

A: That's right. Remember back before 'The Phantom Menace' came out when we all thought about and discussed what it must have been like in the then unknown early episodes. The talk about what Ben meant by a certain point of view, the conjecture about Leia's mom and how the Emperor seduced Vader? Wanting to build off twenty-odd years of personal thought on the subject, the designers and builders of 'SW:DH' have brought out their vision of the galaxy as it existed in the early eighties after 'Return of the Jedi' came out, a galaxy that represented a 'used future' without talk about vergences in the Force or those wacky Midi-chlorians. It's a galaxy that lived in our imaginations and continues to live on at 'STAR WARS: Dark Horizons'.

So come find a galaxy far, far away and rediscover it again like you did the first time a long time ago!
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