Hideyoshi (sushiboy) wrote in new_republic,

Episode what?

Why did the original star wars start with episode IV. It makes sense now with the prequels, but did they have that in mind?
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George lucas already had the prequels in mind before he started with episode IV, so he figured he would start it this way. But there are actually suppose to be nine episodes. Basically the ninth is a ten years later one.
I was under the impresion Lucas wasnt going to make the sequals. besides, hes 60 O_o he would die before they were finished.
he never really ahd any more then 6 planed out when he began, he just made the first three with a rough back story for them
ummm, get the star wars VHS's that are the digitally remastered ones, NOT the special editions. they have an interveiw between lucas and lenord malton which is really informative.