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Grand Admiral Thrawn

Young Jedi Knights

alright. i've been rreading (and coloecting) Star Wars books for some time now, and have amassed what is probably the majority of the non-prequel books (NJO, Black Fleet Crisis, the Zahn books, ect)

as i'm nearing the end of the Jedi Academy Trilogy, i find myself also very near the end of my reading list. (i have maybe 10 books to go) now, i've heard good things about the Young Jedi Knights series from adults, even though they are intended for younger readers.

my question is simple: would anyone here recomend the Young Jedi Knights series? if so, just HOW good is it? is it worth, say, buying a complete set in good condition off Ebay, or more of a "buy one used, buy others if you see them" kind of thing? any help would be much loved, thank you.
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Dunno myself, Young Jeedai Knights is one of the few series I never got the chance to read.
If you do read them, be sure to post your opinions on it ;)

Also, perhaps might be of more help. :)
i checked out that link, and it looks pretty cool. i'll keep it in mind, thanks.
I read a couple that were not very good. In fact I believe they can be skipped all together.
completely possible, but i'm running out of alternatives. having finished the NJO and Dark Nest, and being almost done with the Bantam line, i need SOMETHING, and Kevin J. Anderson seems pretty good from what i've seen.

(nice icon, by the way)

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i do enjoy the Solo chldren. Jania became one of my favorite characters in the NJO. im leaning towards getting them, but i might wait until after Outbound Flight comes out. ^.~

(LOVE your icon, btw)

Deleted comment

Outbound Flgiht is gonig to be majorly cool. i'm particularly interested in what the REAL C'baoth was like. it should be a very interesting read.

thanks much for the icons, they're AMAZING cool. it's not very often you see EU-based stuff, that was quite the breath of fresh air. (those images were from the Japanese covers, right?)
I read a couple and I enjoyed them enough. They have the first 3 collected together now in a one-volume "book." It might be worth picking that one up and seeing if you like them.

I also recently read the Jedi Apprentice series and thought there was some pretty good stuff in there. I'm about to start the Jedi Quest series. (and they go so quickly since they're so short).
you know, i saw that collection when i was at the bookstore the other day. it's what got me interested in them. trouble is, that would leave meonly three books into the series, and if i get hooked, i want to finish them.

the Jedi Apprentice series... is that a prequel era set, or the one about Anakin Solo? (i can never remember)
The Jedi Apprentice series is about Obi-Wan's training. And Jedi Quest is about Anakin's training with Obi-Wan. But you're right, they're prequel era - so if you're not into that, you probably wouldn't want those.
i'd just like to thank everyone who gave their opinions. they truly helped me deside.

i got the first six YJK books in the paperback collections mentioned above, and look foward to reading them. if i like them enough, i might buy the others.

thanks again
If you're still looking for more books to read, you might doublecheck the list of what you've read against the list of all the EU books at
No need, but thanks anyway. Since this post was made (nearlyu a year ago) I've gotten all of the adult fiction in the Star Wars line. Thanks anyway.
Oh, okay. Sorry about that! I wasn't looking too closely at the date on the post.