Grand Admiral Thrawn (dins_fire_997) wrote in new_republic,
Grand Admiral Thrawn

Young Jedi Knights

alright. i've been rreading (and coloecting) Star Wars books for some time now, and have amassed what is probably the majority of the non-prequel books (NJO, Black Fleet Crisis, the Zahn books, ect)

as i'm nearing the end of the Jedi Academy Trilogy, i find myself also very near the end of my reading list. (i have maybe 10 books to go) now, i've heard good things about the Young Jedi Knights series from adults, even though they are intended for younger readers.

my question is simple: would anyone here recomend the Young Jedi Knights series? if so, just HOW good is it? is it worth, say, buying a complete set in good condition off Ebay, or more of a "buy one used, buy others if you see them" kind of thing? any help would be much loved, thank you.
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