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This is the New Republic's Headquarters. Discussion is surrounding The Movies and the Expanded Universe.

Fire away!

The maintainer is freckles42.

Since some people can't play nicely, I'm going to put up a few rules. These should go without saying, but apparently, they can't.

Rule 1: Posts should be on-topic. What's considered on-topic? The expanded universe of Star Wars. Prequel discussion will be tolerated, but not encouraged. Like the novels? The comic books? The audio version? Have the old LPs of the movies? That can be shared. Named your cat after one of the Yuuzhan Vong? that's pushing it. Like bread? Share it elsewhere.

Rule 2: DO NOT SPAM. If you post something that I consider spam, it will be deleted. Second incidence of spamming will result in user being banned from the community.

Rule 3: I make the final decision on banning and deletion. Do not go into my private LJ if you have a complaint. If you simply must tell me off and let me know what you think, email me (freckles42 (at) livejournal (dot) com) with the subject "re:[insert community name here]". Thanks.

If you have a question about whether something will be considered spam or not, just email me and ask.

Please do not post an "introduction" post, or memes. These are annoying.

Thanks, and happy chatting!